I taught at a design college for a couple of years. When I started there was no material so I made up my own course. It was deep and demanding and I tested the students against real case scenarios and pushed their limits and put their skills to use. The ones who were interested in the subject learned fast, the ones who werent interested, it was too much for them.

My best students were guys who werent really paying attention in class, they were doing the stuff on their own, and called me only for help. They were ahead of the program.

I was ok with putting zero grades (F-) to the ones who didnt care about learning the stuff. My take: if you cant do this stuff, you aint gonna be making money with it on the real world, so why do you want a grade on it? go do something else.

Nonetheless I got the “best teacher award” from the students four times in a row.

So. A couple of women protested and wanted to pass my course, on the basis that they had been attending to class and had done most of the assignments. Were they able to do the stuff? no. But they wanted recognition for their efforts. I got pushed by the directive board so I gave an A+ to everyone. A month later I got the official program I was supposed to teach. It was totally newbie and useless stuff, and I was expected to follow it to the letter and dump my demanding course. So, naturally, I quit. Now everyone is passing the course.

Do they know how to do the stuff? no. They just made it more difficult for hiring departments to filter the ones who can do stuff from the ones who only have a grade.

And the guys who used to be my best students, the school is now just too slow and mind numbing for them. They are doing their own thing, making money with what they learned.

And those who protested and got a free A+, they are doing their own thing too. But one totally unrelated to the material they got a grade for.

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