I want you to turn my life up down – plus that’s some talented prostitute

Ricky Raw has a new post about manic pixie girls, and you also need his stuff on prisoner’s dilemma and collaborators vs competitors for context.

And my take:

The narcissist is the narcissistic supply of the codependent – the other only exists as a drug that fuels your own self acceptance.

The codependent attempts to “pay” for the drug and might even be fair in the trade, might be attempting collaborative game, not without throwing tamtrums / ultimatums of their own from time to time.

The narcissist instead “lures” offers superficial goods, caters to the codependent’s weaknesses and prey and extracts as many resources as they can before discarding them, playing competitive game since the start, and every move is calculated to win over the codependent, while every move of the codependent is calculated to control, tame and keep the narcissist or, “work things out”.

The narcissist finds someone to adore them and the codependent finds something to adore and both fill their self acceptance until the transaction gets exhausted. In the exchange, the goods go to the narcissist and the craps to the codependent. If the codependent has a martir / victim complex and the narcissist has a sadist angle, this can go on for quite a while.

The codependent ends up asking how was it possible that all the goods where there and they weren’t able to take them, and regretting all they paid for nothing. The narcissist ends up annoyed at the codependent’s attempt at a “fair exchange”, but with a feeling of superiority over the codependent’s weakness and blindness.

After many rounds, codependents might understand the competitive games and start playing them themselves – switch to narcissim.

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