Marx got everything wrong. Or, he got human nature wrong, which is everything.

His system requires a very organized, mechanical structure where everyone can perform the same and get the same kind of rewards, where you can split the total revenues of the system and allocate them in man/hours – which would require that all hours cost the same, thus, all labors are the same. It would work if the world was an ant farm, and we were all plugged to a Ford style factory and each of us were perfectly replaceable, and if happiness for humans was only about belonging to a family.

So what happens when the factory runs badly, and 20% of the workers are doing most of the goods and the rest are sinking it?

Get 100 professionals with the same grades out of school, are they all equally good? if a carpenter does an excellent job in half a day, and another does a terrible job and it takes a week plus ruins the material, do they deserve the same kind of compensation? if we have ten singers and two are amazingly good and the rest are utter crap, do we love them all equally? how do you motivate the lesser performers, how do you push for higher quality, how do you incentivize the talent? do we take the tools from the expert chef and share them with all the ones who dont care about cooking? do we take the nets from the farmer that worked all year, and give them to the farmers who didnt work at all?

He didnt understand that getting the same kind of results no matter what you do is the worst demotivator ever.

The only thing worse than marxism is capitalism, because it’s in power. In theory, different business exchange capitals and the capital is moving and healthy. In the practice, the capital stays where it is and everyone else provides services. Feudalism. It’s like being in a monopoly game where the the board has been already purchased and built with hotels, and you need to keep rolling the dice and paying, and getting loans and kissing asses just to get by, or get expelled otherwise.

And democracy. Build a group made of ten experts and one hundred amateurs, give them a problem to solve and let them all vote. Good luck.

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