dont’ need no gun to make explosions, yo. 

If you have a segment of the population hanging themselves, do you fix the problem by making rope illegal?

If they are stabbing each other, do you fix the problem by hiding the knifes?

It’s not like your toddler found your guns and killed everyone. These killings dont happen by accident. They require intent, and planing, and desperation.

So address the intent, planning and desperation. What’s going on exactly? who’s doing the shootings? why? what do they have in common? how did they get into that situation? how many ticking bombs do we have? how can we find them, heal them, help them, or at least restrain them, before they go off?

They, the media, politicians, agenda people, are using the killings to fuel another debate, the gun control debate, which has its own merits but it’s unrelated to the killings, it’s not the cause of the killings, and wont stop the killings, simply because the tool is not responsible for the intent of using the tool. In other words, they dont seem to give a fuck about THIS problem.

Take out the guns and you’ll still see the killings, in the form of hand made bombs, fires, lethal gas, stabbings, and of course black market guns.

Then what?

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