Had this exhange with MC over email. Best of luck to him.


Your blog is a great contribution.

I have question I hope you will answer.
I’m a professional screenwriter working in Hollywood I was on a major project and realized in being myself “I had no value”, I left the project. I have developed my skills for 10+ years in my sandbox where my successes weren’t large but luckly neither the failures and now I’m ready to give to my audience, give to the machine on my terms, but because I’ve worked in any genre and on any project that paid I have no idea who my market/audience is or “how” I would find it with certainty. Not a false reflection of what I “think/wish” it is.

My question is for point #2 on “Be yourself”: What is the process one would go about to find their market/audience/tribe?

Appreciate any insight on this.


Hey man, I assume you read both?




Please get me some details on how the hollywood thing failed. What went off?


Yeah I read both; it hasnt failed just a series of wake up calls, including your blog made me realize I had alot illusions that look damn real and alot of people in the machine telling me the illusions are real to get what they want out of me but now I know better and I want the real thing. I had lot of opportunities people would kill for, but an opportunity is just an opportunity.

The details are I was brought in by a movie company, I quickly I saw I had only half the skills needed to be the writer “I” wanted to be, so while I worked on my skills I worked for the company developing projects.

Cut to 10 years later, I’m working on a major show, in a lower position than what I’m qualified for, eating a lot of shit. Then I realized, its cause I have no value, I quit the show, and work on the last missing pieces of my skills. Im all ready to write and I freeze…I have the ideas, I have the skills, but I don’t know which one to write, I realized the whole problem was not even my skills as much as I don’t know who my market is or ever was, I only did projects for money and to please the powers that be.

Its no different than a session guitarist realizing he’s only decent, going into his sandox getting his skills together and when he’s ready to make his own album he realizes “oh shit what kind of album do I make, I’ve played with all these artists, in all these different genres, I like them all, and I wanna give to myself , to my market, and to the machine but which one is “truly me” and NOT the one I wish I was or want to appear to be?”


Got it.

How long does it take you to write a quick manuscript? I heard somewhere that the Spinal Tap script was less than 15 pages. So, how quick can you put together your, say, main 5 movie ideas, into 5 scripts?


Spinal Tap was a mockumentary so much of the stuff was improv on set to make it feel real. The 15 pages would have been the big beats of story and they just went on set and riffed it, kept the funny bits based off the 15 pages.

To write a normal feature length script is 110 pages takes 3 to 6 months. Deadline for new submissions is February/early March. A writer typically takes their two best ideas, writes them simultaneously and picks the best one to submit.


Aight, this is how I see it.

The 10 years gig wasnt a sandbox, it was a job. A sandbox is a place where you’re safe to try new things and to grow into yourself, and where you can manage to make mistakes AND make homeruns. Sure, you can still make homeruns at a job, but it doesnt mean the job is a sandbox.

If you spent 10 years and after leaving you’re still confused about which direction to go, it was a trap-box.

So now you have to produce original material and you’re back to hit or miss, homerun or failure mindset. It adds pressure, the pressure makes you overthink it. In short, you have no experience or confidence here, and you have too much pressure. Chances are you will fail. Statistically, you will.

So, sandbox.

What I would do, since you have different genres and stuff you want to attack.

I would write them down in sequences. I dont know how do you call this but Im sure there’s a way to write down a movie in a few paragraphs / pages.

I would spend three – four months writing five or six. Or more. Depends on how prolific you are and how many ideas you have.

Then I would gather my friends and contacts and see which script has better reception / which one I enjoyed writing the most.

Then finish that one FIRST. Then keep on the second one. etc.

And I’d assume Im going to finish and sell all 5 and expect nothing in return. Sandbox style. All risk zero dependence.


Thanks for your help man, Im on it starting today.


Np- hope you make it big bro.