At least in Manga the good guys have superpowers. And a clean soul. 

What always bothers me about the way the good vs evil fight is examined and portrayed in occident, is that it’s ALWAYS about the evil.

It’s always about the sin, the impure, the guilt, the suffering, the tragedy, the negative, the monster and it’s shade, the crime, the punishment, the fear, the threat, the injustice, the warnings, the judgement.

In tv and movies, you’ll get to see demons, from human to supernatural and all the twisted variations, each more interesting than the previous, in all their wide open range of fuckedupness. Sometimes you have a hero… with a troubled soul. Sometimes you get to see angels, pastors… who are also fighting their own demons – they dont incarnate “good”, they just have a job. And sometimes you get to see God… as just another boring regular dude with no fucking clue and no authority. They are not good because they are are good, but because they are defined against evil. Ah, but the evil has all the lights and effects, powers, and sexiness, and a self of it’s own.

Fuck you.

Then we have shows like Mad Men, House, Big Bang Theory, Rescue me and so many others, which are all about the shades of wicked, the shades of jaded, the broken, the dysfunction. And dont get me started on mainstream “news”.

There’s no culture of good.

The reason there’s no progress towards good is that no one is even looking in that direction.

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