So most men have trouble talking to and taking initative with women. Why? because:

A) Men are trained to put women on a pedestal. So it doesnt matter if the guy went to war and returned and built an empire and then cured cancer: when he talks to a woman, he still feels he’s talking to his superior. He has to impress a judge.

B) Men are trained to be ashamed of their sexual desires. So talking / taking initiative with women is a troubling situation: expressing interest while hiding what you really want, being aroused while hiding your cock. Awkward.

So there you go. Approach anxiety = inferiority complex + shame.

To solve this, destroy the pedestal, go up in the social ladder, embrace yourself and your desires fully, and you’re golden. You’re welcome.

And yes, women like men who dont put them on a pedestal, men who’re confident / know what they want / are not ashamed of themselves.

And no, dont pay too much attention to the girl on the video since she’s talking from the pedestal (the issue is not about how you feel about the approach, honey, that’s not what triggers the anxiety). Though if you mentally replace her saying “approaching us” with “showing us your cock”, it makes for a fun watch.

* * *

It’s interesting that in comparison, women are trained that they should be put on a pedestal, and to take care of their “apparent” sexual desire, to look more slutty or more chaste… Or, I dont think I have heard a “woman, you should be ashamed of your sexual desires”.

Acting on those, or looking like she acted on those, yes. But the desires themselves? hum.

Why do you think that is?

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