He’s funny and got a few things right, but, really?

He thinks the stud is the perfect beta.

The thinks the stud is the guy who does all the work, all the put-her-on-a-pedestal bullshit, but does it better. The perfect emotional tampon and supportive friend. The guy who cries about her cat stories and takes her to nice dinners and does all the classic supplication dance. Yeah buddy, that’s the stud! what do you think it’s their secret, man? maybe you just have to try a lil harder, ya know!? how about this pink tshirt? which flowers would she want you to bring today? cmon! show that you care! show a lil effort!

Hint: the stud is the man who makes her FORGET about all that shit, cat story included. The stud is the man she daydreams about, the man who makes her lose her sense of reality, the man she cant resist to desire to be all wrapped around, the man who takes her into HIS reality. And then this guy is so valuable every other girl also wants to jump on his lap. That’s what makes him the stud.

Not the guy who’s compensatory and supplicates for a “chance” to be in her proximity, while hidding what he really wants, and attempting a transactional relationship, because he knows she doesnt want HIM.

He thinks that when a girl falls for a stud, is really because she wanted a nice guy all along.

Somebody save this guy from becoming nicer and cutting his own balls.

Video thanks to Deep Dish.

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