Im starting a campaign so Deti starts his own blog. He just left this at Dalrock’s. Only edited for coherence and dramatism.

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What I’m going to say will sound harsh, so I apologize in advance.

She LJBF’d you after you showed interest. You befriended her anyway. She was seeing someone else and is now out of reach. You don’t like LJBF, you resent it, and you’re vacillating between making another try at her affections or just being friends or walking away.

Walking away and cutting off all contact with her is the best option. Never, never be friends with any woman who LJBFs you explicitly or implicitly. What are you getting out of this “friendship”? She gets affirmation and validation in the form of attention from a man whom she knows wants a romantic relationship with her. You get nothing. She is using you and wasting (at the very least) your time.

Do absolutely nothing for a woman who LJBFs you. Do not spend time with her unless you and she happen to be in the same place with mutual friends. Do not give her any one on one time. Do not be her friend. Do not indulge her by listening to her stories of her a**hole boyfriends, her pump & dump misadventures, or how “I just want a nice guy who will treat me right.” Don’t return her phone calls or texts. Under no circumstances should you ever spend any money on her or give her any help with anything.

Women are the gatekeepers of sex. But YOU are the gatekeeper of your investment and commitment. The things you have of value are your time, money, expertise and resources. These things are valuable, and they should not be expended on anyone who is (1) unworthy; or (2) unwilling to reciprocate. This woman wants you to invest in her for free — she wants you to give her your time, money and resources, but she wants, nay, expects, to give you nothing back in return.

Her view on it is that all she has to do is grace you with her very presence, to dollop out small amounts of her attention on you, and you should simply want to reciprocate with your time.

No. That is a waste of your time, and you should put an end to it now.

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Men who do this for women are called emotional tampons. The analogy is sound. The woman bleeds her emotions all over the man, who is expected to absorb them. The woman then discards the man and gives him no further thought.

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