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“Previous research has shown in the week near ovulation women become attracted to sexy, rebellious and handsome men like George Clooney or James Bond [...] Under the hormonal influence of ovulation, women delude themselves into thinking that the sexy bad boys will become devoted partners and better dads,” Durante said. “When looking at the sexy cad through ovulation goggles, Mr. Wrong looked exactly like Mr. Right.”

No. Idiot. You’re rationalizing bad boy attraction, so you can keep the comfortable lie that nice guys trigger any attraction at all, that women are “thinking long term” when it comes to attraction, and that all women want is to find a good husband… but they pick bad boys who are unsuitable for marriage, every time their body wants to procreate, by mistake!

That, and that whenever women do something that is morally wrong, it’s because somehow they have been tricked into it, and therefore they are except of responsibility –  and the responsibility goes to the nearest man we can dump the blame on.

On this episode, the poor girls have been tricked, abused and manipulated by their own hormones! Bad, bad hormonal cycle! Leave women alone! These poor girls without any agency nor intelligence nor accountability!

How dare you? You evil, evil biology! Leave women alone! I warn you!

* * *

“oh hi… I know I only met you a few hours ago and Im already sucking your cock… but it’s ONLY because… I thought you were going to marry me? oh no? my body has fooled me yet again! … I was only horny and lonely and went to some party and got drunk and flirted with some guys, bounced out boring guys and ended with you… all confident and hot and dominant and you only wanted to FUCK me ohh yes yes fuck me good good…. Im so naive!! I totally thought I was fucking with a nicer guy!!”

* * *

On a similar note, I dont think we’re going to see a scientific study rationalizing that when a man gets a hard on in presence of  a hot girl, he’s really thinking long term and picturing her as a nurturing caring mom, and that men’s drives are in sync with morality and virtue, and that any “mistake” is just the result of some evil external force that… produces erections and makes us do stupid shit.

We’re not going to see it because men are expected to be pigs.

It’s the fact that women are pigs, too, what needs to be hidden and rationalized away in this culture.

But we know better.

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