Say that again?: “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, “we dont need men”, “we only need men because the work they do on society”, “we only need the sperm”, “women can live without men” etc.

So, somehow men is the single thing women collectively worry about the most, think about the most, want the most, seem to need the most, but they can live without men?

Well, no, women can’t live without men. This view that women only need men because of the work they do on society / measuring the value of men because of the work / pleasure / value they do for women is bullshit of the highest caliber.

First, change “men” with “we dont need blacks, yellows, we dont need women, we dont need catholics, we dont need white people, we dont need the poor” and see what happens.

Second, if you dont see inner value in men as human beings, you dont deserve a man, nor deserve any of the fruits of the men´s hard work either.

Third, shut the fuck up.

Sex differentiation makes us complimentary. Men and women need each other and any of the sexes without the other would fuck up, become an unhealthy / imbalanced, and the species would die after a generation. Even if we could survive on artificial clonation (no women needed either) we would collapse: all of our instincts and mechanisms are prepared and differentiated for a system where each of the sexes have to exist – we need each other´s energy and interaction – we need the other so we can be ourselves, we cant strive or survive in isolation.

So shut up and go get a man. You know you need one.

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